As if I don't have enough to do.

But then, Boris insisted, and he checks to ensure I've actually been updating.

Besides, Lucrezia has one.

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    Ask Klaus Wulfenbach: dragonswords asked: What do you think of Castle Wulfenbach?





    I was wondering when you’d turn up.

    I don’t remember asking for your opinion, either. You are hardly the authority on these matters.

    As though I could stay away for long. There’s so many people who I’m sure were just crying that I…

    Oh I always did love it when you tried to get rough with me.

    Sorry, darling, but I’m here to stay. None of you are getting rid of me that easily.

    Father… I realize your… personal relations are not my business, and normally I would never ask, but…

    Is this anything like what it sounds like?

    Oh this is exactly what it sounds like. Hasn’t he ever told you anything?



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